Website Development

WordPress Development

WordPress is the industry's leading content management platform for rapidly deployed websites. With a plethora of themes and plugins available, WordPress is a popular choice for business, e-commerce, and personal websites. Whether you're looking for a simple informative website, a dynamic and interactive website, or a turnkey e-commerce solution, contact us to see if WordPress is a practical option for you.


Proprietary E-Commerce solutions are one of our specialties. Frostlayer currently supports multiple E-Commerce clients, including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, brokers, and service oriented businesses. Some of the industries supported include oil & gas, construction & utilities, lumber & machinery, insurance & annuities, audio/video, electronics, fashion & apparel, and diamonds & jewelry.

Your E-Commerce solution should be built around your business, not the other way around. The systems we create are tailored on a per-client basis to provide a perfect fit every time, avoiding the need to conform to a turnkey solution. Our experience enables us to provide our clients with streamlined sales and management, increased sales, marketing tools, and overall reduced overhead.

Our development team can also integrate your solution with your choice of merchant services, including PayPal, 2 Checkout,, and others, enabling complete automation throughout the entire sale experience.

This hands-on approach with existing clients has provided our team with extensive knowledge of various aspects of the Business to Consumer and Business to Business commerce industries, enabling our developers and consultants to assist with growth and avoid unnecessary headaches along the way. Contact our sales team today to find out how we can enable your business.

Business Management

The FrostLayer team has vast experience creating custom online business management suites for our clients. These solutions often include centralization of accounting and invoicing tools, client management, product inventory and fulfillment capabilities, client/vendor communication channels, and analytics and reporting.

Each proprietary platform resides online, enabling you and your team to access your portal from anywhere. Our clients currently using these solutions have experienced significant growth and automation, enabling them to increase revenue, lower costs, and focus their time and energy on more productive tasks. Contact our sales team today for more information and to request a quote.

API, EDI, & 3rd Party Integration

The FrostLayer team has successfully and efficiently built custom integrations for our clients, including social media, 3rd party sales channels, shipping and logistics platforms, and accounting tools. Some of the integrations built to date include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay,, Walmart, ShipStation, and QuickBooks.

Eliminate the need to login to a variety of platforms independently to achieve your daily tasks. With our custom integration solutions, you can login to a central platform to push and pull data from all of your 3rd party sources and destinations.

Additional benefits include advanced reporting tools, both aggregated and individual, central inventory management, and centralized social media marketing capabilities with scheduling enabled. Talk to a sales representative today for more information about how these integrations can enhance your business.